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"I really couldn't put this book down. As a 60-ish hetro white person who is genetically born as, and identifies as female, I have spent most of my life thinking in fairly narrow ways about gender and gender identification. I've never judged but I also never really understood how things might be different for some people. River Braun so beautifully lays out the challenges of being born anatomically one way while identifying another, and my eyes have been opened to the beauty of finding ones own truth. Following Wiley on his path as he struggles with what might be "wrong" with him, and then finds help and the freedom to finally be who he really is was illuminating. I am a better person for reading this beautifully written book."

Allison | Amazon Review

“This is an extremely important book. It chronicles a young man's transition (FTM) and all he has to deal with, both medically/psychologically and in his daily life. He comes to understand and accept his desires as 'normal' and things that he has expectations of acceptance of himself as. Simple things, such as going shirtless and the freedom that that brings are monumental gains for Wylie. Being addressed by his preferred name and pronouns become mundane. Even saying all this, navigating family acceptance; school and institutional concerns and interpersonal conflicts take precedence. Early reading garnered the concern that the book glossed over some initial concerns; finding a therapist/counselor, guardianship and others were presented and then completed almost without any involvement. But I found that this was by design to leave more time to describe later issues and processes. I found the characters likeable and engaging; and given the events that were transpiring was amazing. I thought that I was pretty knowledgeable of the trans experience. Not so. Reading this book was truly an enlightening experience. I HIGHLY recommend it."

Stanley Olszyna | Amazon Review

"I don't often write reviews...well, ever really, but there are some books and some messages that need to be heard.
I don't know that I have ever come across a mainstream book that speaks to the complexities of coming-of-age with the raw honest perspective of this transgendered protagonist.
It is an ever-present reality that we need more vivid and vulnerable written accounts from unique and underrepresented individuals to ensure our young people can see themselves in the books they read and the world they live in...but this book offers more than just a platform.
It's a wonderful story that expresses the usual challenges of growing up, layered with the complexities of life as a transgendered youth. It is a story of friendship, of innocence-lost, of strength, of perseverance, and of the many faces of love. The author brings the characters into your heart and forces you to feel each experience with them.
It was both a heartwrenching and uplifting journey...a beautifully emotional ride.
Looking forward to more books by this talented new author."

T.L. Bragg | The Write Contest

"Call Me Him is one of the most beautiful, heart-wrenching and raw coming-of-age stories I’ve ever read. It’s such an honest, thought-provoking and important ownvoices-story about the struggles of a transgender teen boy that deserves to be read by everyone!"

"An engrossing novel that tackles some really tough topics such as transphobia, body dysphoria, misgendering, sexual assault, and substance abuse. Braun did a great job of writing an entertaining, emotionally raw story that is also educational and informative. Many trans teens will be able to relate to Wiley, feel seen in their experience, and potentially learn something. I really did love this book, I didn’t rate it five stars for a few minor plot-related reasons but as a YA novel about trans representation, experience, and visibility I’d rate it among the best."

Lindsey | Goodreads Review

"More books need to be out there like this! You dive right in and the characters come alive. The writing feels so authentic - true to how it feels to come of age as an intelligent, soulful, soul searching, individual, where situations, complications & traumatic events, just happen! As we grow up, we then have the job of figuring out where we stand, who we are and how to make heads or tails out of any of it. In first-person, the writing flows like you’re reading someone’s true thoughts. Between eloquent lines there is also that angsty coming of age voice, too. Rare to find a story written with such honesty. The plot’s compelling, the characters aren’t what you expect them to be; they are who they are, with all their human idiosyncrasies."

J. Dave | Goodreads Review

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