Hey there!
I’m River Braun.

I am a transgender writer and author. I believe that art can help transcend perceived boundaries between “others” — and that is what I strive to do in my novels The Anarchist’s Yacht Club and him.

If you’re an agent (or at least play one on TV), drop me a note and I’ll be happy to share a few chapters. Not an agent, but love a good read? I'm happy to share some opening chapters with any one interested.

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The Anarchist’s Yacht Club

Wylie’s raw. He has lost everything. His girlfriend, Brit, left him. His best friend, Alex, is dead. He got fired from his developer job at Google. He steals a dead man's sailboat and sails off with no plan to return. With him, he has an AI prototype with his best friend’s voice -- a voice Wylie hears for one last time before it betrays him. 

He’s on the run. Torn between a chance for love and the promise of leading the AI field into the next technological revolution. What will he choose?

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A prequel to The Anarchist’s Yacht Club, him. explores Wylie and Alex’s younger years. Like most teens, Wylie struggles with authority, puberty, and family. But when you’re a transgender male whose body, family, and society insist that you are female, the struggle to break out and live the life you were meant to live becomes a matter of life and death. Born Willow, Wylie wants nothing more than to escape his oppressive hometown and live the life he was meant to live—as a man, but his overly-religious mother has other plans for her “sweet, darling daughter.”