River Braun - SEO Content Marketing

I’ve got the words.

You’ve got the voice.

Let’s Make Lots of Money.

(A blatant rip off from the Pet Shop Boys’ Opportunities - sorry-not-sorry #childofthe80s)


Hey there! I’m River Braun,
freelance writer for lawyers, entrepreneurs, techies, and generally fantastic people.

River Braun - SEO Content Marketing

Quick Facts About Me:

  1. I love to write. Better still…

  2. I’m a great writer.

  3. I used to be an attorney (technically, I still am, but I don’t practice—see Fact #8.)

  4. I believe tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays.

  5. I was a pirate in a past life.

  6. I am a coding ninja in a parallel universe.

  7. I’ve written two novels and one compendium of truly horrible poetry.

  8. I think better without shoes.

  9. I lied in Fact #5—I am a pirate (200 years too late) with over 5,000 nautical miles under my hempen belt.

  10. My other passion (besides writing, tacos, and sailing) is designing websites that tell unique stories.


You may have seen my work in…


Enough about me—let’s talk about YOU for a minute.

They say that few things are certain in this life. (I think one of them is tacos.) The other is that your company’s success depends on a quality website. But, before you throw up a Go-Daddy site with a few hundred words that you came up with on the drive to the office, please — for the love of your company and your prospective clients—DON’T.


Because it’s (a) a waste of your time because (b) your prospective clients won’t waste their time if they’re not instantly engaged with what you have to say. People want a good story. They want to feel like a part of something. If you entertain them and make them feel like they know you (or at least that you know them)—they’ll be truly excited to work with you.

You have a story, but you have a trillion other things that are filling your calendar. Let me tell it!

I craft high-quality SEO content that will get you ranking higher in Google organic searches so that your future clients can find you and see what you’re all about.




Ok, River Braun, You have my attention—
What can you do for me?


✔ Engaging Web Content that tells your story and engages your prospects
✔ Long-form Blog Articles that slide into the #1 spot on Google
✔ Ghost-written Guest Articles to grab attention from the five corners of the interwebs
✔ Timely Education or Opinion Pieces to establish you as an influencer in your field
✔ Gorgeously-Designed Lead Generation Magnets to grow your email list

Bottom line — I can take that big, steaming pile of brussel sprouts off of your plate so you can have your Crème brûlée and eat it too.

Translation: I’ll handle the content so you can do what you do best.

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Things I’ve Written…

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People (other than my mom) Who Think I’m Great:

(In truth, she doesn’t like me much.)

Enjoyed working with River. He helped us cover a lot of ground on a special project that involved researching a narrow grouping of legal and business topics and proposing blog and article ideas. Will definitely work with him again on writing projects in the future.
— Patrick B.
River is the consummate professional. He’s a fantastic writer, very knowledgeable, and prompt. I’ll definitely hire him in the future.
Thanks River!
— Brent
River was terrific! Excellent writing, quality research, punctual and very personable. Highly recommended.
— Kirk
River was great. - Needed a simple custom Squarespace setup, without wasting my time figuring everything out... and that’s exactly what he delivered. He provided me with a video when all was said-and-done that may answer many questions I have as I build it up. Keeps it simple. Definitely a professional, and he knows how to move you through experience without a lot of fussing around. Recommended highly!
— Daniel Y.
Thank you River!!! I really appreciate all the work you put into this project and for all the additional information you gave me as the work progressed. So glad I chose you. Thanks!!!!
— Martha L.