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How I Fund The Dream

Fiction writing is immensely satisfying to the soul, but not so satisfying for the belly. Entertaining prose and tacos-on-the-beach are funded by my other passions: digital marketing and web design.

Website Design

Your website is your platform to tell the world who you are and why they want to work with you. It requires planning. It requires skill. A stunning, responsive, optimized website doesn’t happen overnight. And it certainly doesn’t happen during that mysterious “spare time” people talk about.

Don’t let your platform be an after-thought! Let me use design to create stunning user experiences that will engage your visitors.


Webpage Content & Blog Writing

I craft high-quality SEO content that will get you ranking higher in Google organic searches so that your future clients can find you and see what you’re all about.

You have a story, but you have a trillion other things that are filling your calendar. Let me tell it!


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

You've got a great product or service and a fantastic website, but nobody's sliding into your business's DMs. It's not personal--they just don't know you exist. With some behind-the-scenes web SEO work and a little offsite SEO strategy, we can move your site up in popularity and get people buying everything you've got to sell. Let me get you to page 1!



Whether you've got a great idea for a new novel, the fastest way to happiness, or a need for a lead generation magnet on your site--I can help. I specialize in long-form content, with two novels, 20 ebooks, and one ghostwritten nonfiction book under my belt. Let me help you bring your next book to life!


Let's Work Together

Whether you need to get your business on the map, or your next book out of your head and onto paper, we should talk! Point and click here to get started.

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