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Fight. Sleep. Repeat.


That's life for 14-year-old SoCal skate-punk Wylie Masterson. Like most teens, Wylie struggles with authority, puberty, and family. But when you’re a transgender male whose body, family, and society insist that you are female, the struggle to break out and live the life you were meant to live becomes a matter of life and death. Born Willow, Wylie wants nothing more than to escape his oppressive SoCal hometown and live the life he was meant to live—as a man. But, his overly-religious mother has other plans for her “sweet, innocent daughter.” 

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River Braun is the author of the young adult novel, call me him. Having gone through puberty twice and worked with a national organization assisting with high-risk LGBTQ+ youth, River feels uniquely qualified to write about the emotional turmoil that is growing up in a world where it can feel impossible to find the love and support we crave. He believes that art can help transcend perceived boundaries between “others” — and that is what he strives to do in his novels. His goal: to write the stories he needed as a young person. He lives unconventionally with the love of his life aboard their sailboat SV Plot Twist, somewhere on the seven seas.

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