River Braun Website Design

You’ve got the brains.

I’ve got the looks.

Let’s Make Lots of Money.

(A blatant rip off from the Pet Shop Boys’ Opportunities - sorry-not-sorry #childofthe80s)


Hey there! I’m River Braun,
freelance web designer for lawyers, entrepreneurs, techies, writers, and generally fantastic people.

River Braun Website Design

Quick Facts About Me:

  1. I love to write. Better still…

  2. I’m a great writer.

  3. I used to be an attorney (technically, I still am, but I don’t practice—see Fact #8.)

  4. I believe tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays.

  5. I was a pirate in a past life.

  6. I am a coding ninja in a parallel universe.

  7. I’ve written two novels and one compendium of truly horrible poetry.

  8. I think better without shoes.

  9. I lied in Fact #5—I am a pirate (200 years too late) with over 5,000 nautical miles under my hempen belt.

  10. My other passion (besides writing, tacos, and sailing) is designing websites that tell unique stories.


You may have seen my work in…


Enough about me—let’s talk about YOU for a minute.

They say that few things are certain in this life. (I think one of them is tacos.) The other is that your business’ success depends on a quality website.

Odds are, you’re pretty darned amazing at what you do. Whether it’s writing code to disrupt the housing industry or crafting your best arguments for that big case—I bet you love it.

You can probably work into the wee hours of the night, completely oblivious that you just put in an 18-hour work day—that’s how much you love it.

The thing is, if nobody knows about you, you don’t get to do what you love.

Your website is your platform to tell the world who you are and why they want to work with you. It requires planning. It requires skill. A stunning, responsive, optimized website doesn’t happen overnight. And it certainly doesn’t happen during that mysterious “spare time” people keep talking about.

Don’t let your platform be an after-thought.

In the time it takes to eat a cheeseburger, you can tell me your story and grand vision. Then, I can get to work doing what I love—creating your website—while you go back to doing whatever floats your bath toys.

Let me use design to create stunning user experiences that will engage your visitors.


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Ok, River Braun, You have my attention—
What can you do for me?


My goal is simple—to make you look outstanding.

Fast. Gorgeous. Responsive. Optimized.

No, it's not a luxury sports car—it's the foundation of your business.

For less than the cost of your efficiency apartment, I will design a modern, head-turning website that will get you on the positive side of Google's SEO algorithm.

As a Squarespace Inner Circle Member, I have the skills and experience you want for developing a customized Squarespace* Website quickly and efficiently. When you work with me, you get more than just a cookie-cutter site. My clients have access to a more than just some fancy web magic and my personal “10 Best Tacos on the Planet List.” When you work with me, you get:

✔ Custom graphics, including Logos, Banners, and Social Media Branding
✔ Professional-grade, royalty-free images and video clips
Bespoke video development and deployment
Custom Integrations, like forms, CRM, email marketing, scheduling, and more
Search Engine Optimization - including titles, images, descriptions and content
✔ Full SEO Audits for existing sites and ongoing site management
Personalized video or Quick-Start Guide to maintaining your site

*Don’t like Squarespace? I can also design custom sites using the Wix and Wordpress platforms.

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People don't buy products and services.

They buy stories.

They buy experiences.

Let me help you define your brand personality and craft the stories that will capture the attention of your future clients.

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Websites I’ve Created…

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People (other than my mom) Who Think I’m Great:

(In truth, she doesn’t like me much.)

River was great. - Needed a simple custom Squarespace setup, without wasting my time figuring everything out... and that’s exactly what he delivered. He provided me with a video when all was said-and-done that may answer many questions I have as I build it up. Keeps it simple. Definitely a professional, and he knows how to move you through experience without a lot of fussing around. Recommended highly!
— Daniel Y.
River is the consummate professional. He’s a fantastic writer, very knowledgeable, and prompt. I’ll definitely hire him in the future.
Thanks River!
— Brent
River has been handling my comprehensive law office marketing needs for the past 18 months when a left my firm to return to solo practice. He understands my needs despite my often cryptic explanations, develops creative solutions, and implements turnkey solutions in a timely and cost-efficient manner. River understands the needs of both the attorney and client and has developed useful tools for us to better communicate. I recommend River without reservation.
— Steve
I contacted River through the recommendation of my colleague to create a website. River is a Squarespace pro and very qualified: he has great ideas, knows marketing tools and the result is amazing web site: clear points of action, functional and easy navigation: aesthetically professional for corporate business. I’m looking forward to working with River again for my next project. I highly recommend.
— Baiba K.
Thank you River!!! I really appreciate all the work you put into this project and for all the additional information you gave me as the work progressed. So glad I chose you. Thanks!!!!
— Martha L.
I had my author website developed on Wordpress, but there were always problems and I couldn’t figure them out. River moved all of my content onto Wix and developed a new site that I can manage on my own with ease.
— Janet W.