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Together we work to overcome past traumas, tune into your body's wisdom, and reclaim your vibrant self.

Reclaim Your Life

My goal is to guide you in breaking free from the barriers that hide your vibrant, authentic self. Through Bodha Blueprint, you can experience what it’s like to heal, reclaim, and embody your true self.

Embarking on my own journey of transformation has taught me invaluable lessons in healing, self-discovery, and the essence of true empowerment. Facing and overcoming the deeply ingrained societal norms and biases, especially around gender identity and expression, demanded courage and led me to develop transformative methods for myself and others. This path has been about understanding my own identity and about empowering others to embrace their full selves, free from the constraints of familial and societal expectations.I believe that the more people in this world embodying their truth, the better the world can be.

My Story

How I Can Help

Build Resilience Against External Negativity

Learn to stay calm and centered no matter what life throws at you. I'll teach you how to handle negative vibes and stressful situations using easy-to-understand techniques based on the latest brain science and body-awareness practices.

Master Your Emotional Responses

Develop the ability to quickly identify and manage your reactions to stress. Using a mix of mindfulness and somatic (body-focused) practices, you'll gain control over your emotions and body responses, helping you tackle challenges with ease.

Enhance Self-Worth and Daily Joy

Engage in practical exercises that help you feel better about yourself and turn everyday moments into sources of joy. Our focus on mind-body connection helps you rediscover happiness in the little things.

Navigate Life's Challenges with Confidence

From managing triggers smoothly to making decisions that truly reflect who you are, I'll help you move through life with confidence. Learn to trust your instincts and embrace your true self without the influence of external judgment.

Move Forward Through Past Trauma

Through gentle, effective practices rooted in understanding how your nervous system works, you better understand how past traumas may be barriers to your well-being. Whether it's dealing with addiction or past hurts, you'll find support and strategies to heal and grow.

Live Your Truth and Achieve Your Dreams

Equip yourself with the courage to live life on your own terms and pursue your dreams without compromise. I'll provide you with the tools and support to live boldly and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Ways We Can Work Together

1:1 Embodiment Coaching

1:1 Embodiment Coaching sessions offer individualized support for those seeking deeper healing and transformation. I blend somatic experiencing, mindfulness practices, and integrative coaching techniques to guide you in reconnecting with your body, releasing emotional blocks, and fostering self-empowerment. Group Coaching coming soon!

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Bodha Workshops

Our 6-week Bodha Blueprint Workshops provide a safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore the healing potential of yoga. Through gentle movements, breathwork, and mindfulness practices, we guide participants toward releasing trauma stored in the body, cultivating self-compassion, and restoring a sense of balance and wholeness.

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Y12SR Meetings

Discover a New Path to Recovery. Y12SR offers a unique and effective approach to overcoming addiction through the integration of the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern recovery methods. This program is designed to nurture your body, mind, and spirit, providing a holistic path toward healing and well-being. Whether you're new to recovery or seeking additional support, Y12SR welcomes you into a compassionate community where healing is nurtured through the practice of yoga and the power of connection.

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Yoga for Trauma Healing

In our Yoga for Trauma Healing sessions, I invite you to gently and mindfully explore your path to healing. These donation-based, live and online sessions offer a compassionate space for self-discovery, where yoga becomes a medium for gentle exploration and nurturing of the self. Here, every movement and breath is an open invitation to connect more deeply with your inner experiences in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Let's embark on this journey together, fostering resilience and understanding at a pace that feels right for you.

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I help bring LGBTQIA+ people of all ages into alignment with who they are meant to be.

Who I Work With

Queer Teens sitting in the grass making heart shapes with their hands.


I provide a safe and affirming space for LGBTQIA+ teens, guiding them through their unique journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Our work together focuses on building resilience, self-esteem, and a strong sense of identity in a world that may not always understand them.

Queer adult couple looking sad.


I offer support and guidance in navigating the complexities of identity, relationships, and personal growth. Our sessions are a place for exploration, healing, and empowerment, helping you to live authentically and confidently in all aspects of your life. Allies and parents of LGBTQIA+ children are welcome!

Group of people watching a sunset with their arms around each other.

Those living with addiction

Working with individuals living with addiction, I understand the deep-seated trauma often at its root. Our sobriety recovery sessions, incorporating Y12SR principles, focus on holistic recovery, addressing both the addiction and its emotional underpinnings to foster resilience and lasting healing.

Live The Life You Want

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Embrace Transformation. Embody Resilience.

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Professional Scope Notice: I am not a licensed medical professional, mental health provider, or a member of the clergy. As an Embodiment Coach, my services are not a substitute for professional healthcare or mental health services, nor do they constitute medical or psychological advice. The guidance offered through my services is for personal growth and should not replace the advice given by medical or mental health professionals. Always consult your healthcare provider for any health-related issues and before making any substantial changes to your health regimen.