Private Coaching

Discover the profound wisdom of your body through self-exploration and eliminate obstacles to reclaim your true self. Together, we'll uncover the path to authentic, vibrant living and self-empowerment.

Embodiment Coach - LGBTQ
Transformative Embodiment Coaching

A Journey to Your True Self

I understand the rich diversity within the LGBTQIA+ community and welcome individuals seeking personal healing as well as allies and parents of LGBTQIA+ children. Realizing that the journey of acceptance and understanding often involves those closest to you, my sessions are designed to cater to a broad spectrum of needs, ensuring inclusivity and respect for every person’s unique journey and identity.
Nurturing Wholeness

Compassionate Healing and Lasting Empowerment

Embodiment Coaching is a journey of compassionate healing, fostering a deep and gentle connection between body and mind. This path empowers you with self-healing tools, enabling graceful navigation of emotional challenges. These sustainable practices of self-care enhance resilience and bring a renewed sense of purpose.

As you cultivate inner understanding and kindness, you'll find your relationships flourishing, enriching both your personal and professional life with heartfelt interactions.
Embodiment Coach - LGBTQ
Guided Healing

Grounded in Science, Led by the Heart

My approach is enriched by insights from leading experts in the field, including Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges, Dr. Arielle Schwartz, Staci K. Haines, Lisa Dion, and Nikki Myers. Holding certifications in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy and Applied Polyvagal Theory in Yoga, and as a Y12SR Peer Guide, I offer you a compassionate and scientifically informed path to healing.

With a blend of respected research and grounded practice, I am committed to guiding you toward transformative and sustainable healing.
What's Holding You Back?

The Missing Link Between Body and Mind in Healing

Have you felt that previous treatments didn't fully connect the dots between your physical and emotional worlds? This gap is often where healing can truly begin. My approach focuses on practical movements and guided breathwork designed to support the integration of past traumas. This method helps to dissolve the obstacles that have been holding you back, bringing your body's wisdom into harmony with your emotional insights.

By actively engaging both body and mind, we work together to create a path to deeper, more meaningful, and sustainable healing.
Embodiment Coach - LGBTQ
The Missing Mind-Body Connection

It's not your fault.

The challenges you face in healing may be largely due to the limitations within the general healthcare system and traditional therapy approaches. The mainstream healthcare system often overlooks the unique and crucial interplay between body and mind, opting instead for managing symptoms rather than facilitating holistic healing.

In addition, many traditional therapy approaches are limited in their scope, frequently failing to incorporate essential elements like movement and breathwork, which are key to integrating and healing past traumas. This combination of systemic oversights has likely hindered your path to deeper, more meaningful healing.
Begin Your Healing Journey
It's time...

Why Now?

Imagine a life where constant exhaustion, feeling shut down, or being overwhelmed by life's pressures are things of the past. Picture waking up each day with a sense of energy and clarity, no longer weighed down by that paralyzing numbness or sense of disconnection. By starting your healing journey today, you're stepping towards a future where you're actively engaged, vibrant, and fully present in every moment of your life.

So why wait to feel alive?
Embodiment Coach - LGBTQ
The Big Question...

Why Should You Trust Me?

Embarking on a journey of healing and self-discovery is a deeply personal experience, and I approach it with both professional expertise and heartfelt dedication. My professional background includes:

**Certification in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy
**Certified Y12SR (Yoga 12-Step Recovery) Peer Guide
**Level 3 Certification in Applied Polyvagal Theory in Yoga

Embodiment coaching is more than a profession to me. It's a heartfelt commitment to guide you toward rediscovering your inner resilience and tranquility.

I warmly invite you to join me for a complimentary 20-minute exploration call. This is an opportunity for you to listen to what your body and heart are telling you, and sense if this journey resonates with your path to healing. It's a moment to connect with your intuition and feel if we're the right fit for each other on this transformative path.

How Does 1:1 Coaching Work?

Initial Exploration Session

Sign up for a complimentary 20-minute exploration session. This is where you and I connect to understand your needs and see if we're the right fit. It’s a chance for you to listen to your body and intuition to feel comfortable moving forward.

Tailored Coaching Selection

Choose a Coaching Package that best suits your journey. We offer various options to cater to your unique path, ensuring that the program aligns with your specific goals and circumstances.

Flexible Session Formats

Attend your sessions either in-person or via Zoom. This flexibility allows you to engage in the coaching process in a way that fits your lifestyle and comfort level.

Body Awareness Development

Discover how your body speaks to you. Our sessions focus on developing your body awareness, helping you understand and interpret its signals and messages.

Integrate Tools for Growth

Learn tools to integrate past traumatic experiences. We use proven techniques to help you process and integrate these experiences, reducing their hold on your present and future.

Pathway to Empowerment

Choose a different path, not defined by your past. Our coaching empowers you to redefine your life's journey, moving beyond the constraints of past traumas.

Uncover Your Vital Self

Experience a more vibrant existence. Through our sessions, you'll discover ways to enrich your daily life, finding more joy, energy, and fulfillment.

Embodied Living

Experience what it's like to truly live in your body. Gain control over your responses and emotions, and learn to navigate life with a newfound sense of agency and self-awareness.

Ongoing Support and Growth

As you progress through the coaching, you'll receive continuous support and guidance, ensuring that your growth is consistent and tailored to your evolving needs.

Become an Expert in YOU!

Transition from a novice to an expert in understanding yourself. Our coaching journey equips you with the knowledge and skills to maintain and continue your growth independently, setting you up for a lifetime of self-awareness and emotional health.

Schedule an Exploration Session

Experience Embodiment Practice
No Obligation
Get to know River
1:1 Embodiment Coaching Packages

Are you ready to reclaim your true self?

These programs take a structured approach to guiding you through the 5-Phase Cycle of Change with the ultimate goal of affecting real and lasting transformation.

Elevate & Transform

This all-encompassing package offers a 10-week deep dive into personal transformation. It's tailored to nurture your journey of self-discovery, integrating the principles of somatic healing with the grounding practice of Polyvagal Yoga. It's ideal for those committed to making significant, lasting changes in their lives.
What's Included
10 sessions, 50-minutes of personal coaching
10 sessions of 60-minute private Polyvagal Yoga
10 sessions of 60-minute group Polyvagal Yoga
Unlimited texting support with River (Responses given M-F between 8 am and 6 pm)
Access to The RaRe Self Community for 1 Year
A dedicated transformation journal for tracking progress and reflections
10% Off future Coaching Packages
Empower Your Transformation, Empower Another - Your journey supports access to transformative coaching for a community member in need.
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Awaken & Align

This package is designed for those seeking focused, professional guidance in their journey of self-improvement. It offers a blend of personalized coaching and continuous support to navigate your path of personal growth.

What's Included
10 sessions, 50-minutes of personal coaching
10 sessions of 60-minute group Polyvagal Yoga
Unlimited texting support with River (Responses provided M-F between 8 am and 6 pm)
A dedicated transformation journal
10% Off future Coaching Packages
Empower Your Transformation, Empower Another - Your journey supports access to transformative coaching for a community member in need.
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Flexible Support

The As-Needed Package

Tailored for those seeking support on a more flexible basis, this package allows you to choose the level of engagement that best fits your needs and circumstances. It offers a compassionate approach to personal development, recognizing the diverse needs and resources of each individual. Whether it's a few sessions for targeted guidance or more frequent support, this package adapts to you, providing a nurturing space for growth and self-discovery.

This package is designed for those who need support on an as-needed basis.
The tiered pricing structure aims to address systemic inequities by offering different price points:

Rebalancing Access

For individuals with ample financial resources, contributing to greater accessibility for others.
4 sessions of 45 minutes
Align your life with your deepest values and purpose.
Cultivate acute body awareness for greater mindfulness.
Connect deeply with your emotions for insightful reflection.
Transform through bold expression and and dynamic action.
Integrate embodied insights into daily life for lasting change.
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Supported Access

For clients with limited financial resources, supported by the community's contributions.
4 sessions of 45 minutes
Align your life with your deepest values and purpose.
Cultivate acute body awareness for greater mindfulness.
Connect deeply with your emotions for insightful reflection.
Transform through bold expression and and dynamic action.
Integrate embodied insights into daily life for lasting change.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's it like working with me?
While each person’s journey will be unique, I apply a loose framework to each of my coaching clients. We begin with an assessment of what it is you want to address in your life right now. We’ll discuss where you are now, where you want to be, what’s holding you back, and devise a plan to get you there.

Each session is designed to identify those obstacles holding you back and work with the sources of those obstacles to achieve healing in a deep and sustained way.I believe that we all have the power to heal ourselves.

I believe our bodies contain the wisdom to change old patterns and facilitate healing. With this perspective, I am not your doctor, your guru, or any other top-down term steeped in patriarchy. I am merely a guide, someone to hold a flashlight to illuminate the hidden things, and someone to hold space as you examine those things in your own time.
What does a typical session look like?
Each session begins with an arrival practice designed to ground both of us into the room, into our bodies, and into relationship with each other.

From there, we identify the issue of your choosing and explore that issue with curiosity. We may talk, we may breathe, we may do some movements to help release or integrate discoveries.You are the driver. I may invite you into certain practices that may or may not be accessible to you and you may choose not to do any practice.

My goal is to help you discover what is blocking you, identify patterns, and hold space as you process traumas and integrate new learnings in a way that enables you to avoid getting sucked back into dark places, but rather, to stand next to them and explore in a safe and manageable way.
What are some somatic tools you use in coaching sessions?
In embodiment coaching sessions, a variety of somatic tools can be used to enhance self-awareness, emotional processing, and body-mind integration. I developed the Bodha Blueprint for unlocking your True Self using the 4Ms:


With this simple blueprint, we can work together to unlock your body's inner wisdom and get you started building a life you love.
What is Somatic Embodiment?
Somatic embodiment refers to the practice and process of deeply connecting with and experiencing one's body in a holistic and integrated way. It involves a conscious awareness of bodily sensations, movements, and emotional states, and the acknowledgment of how these elements interact to shape one's experience of the world. The concept is central to many somatic therapies and practices, which emphasize the body as a crucial site of knowledge, healing, and personal growth.
What is the difference between a somatic therapist and a somatic coach?
The distinction between a somatic therapist and a somatic coach primarily lies in their training, the scope of their practice, and the methods they use in their work.

Somatic Therapist:
1. Training and Qualifications:
Somatic therapists are typically licensed mental health professionals who have additional training in somatic practices. They often have degrees in psychology, counseling, or social work.
2. Scope of Practice: As licensed mental health professionals, somatic therapists are qualified to diagnose and treat mental health disorders. Their training allows them to address complex psychological issues and trauma with an understanding of both mental and physical health.
3. Approach: Somatic therapists integrate body-oriented techniques with traditional psychotherapeutic methods. They use their understanding of the mind-body connection to help clients process emotional and psychological issues, often addressing trauma's physical manifestations.
4. Regulatory Framework: They operate under the regulatory and ethical frameworks of their licensing bodies, which govern their professional practice.

Somatic Coach:
1. Training and Qualifications:
Somatic coaches may not have formal mental health training or a license to practice psychotherapy. Their expertise typically focuses on body-awareness practices and may come from backgrounds in bodywork, movement therapy, or other somatic disciplines.
2. Scope of Practice: Somatic coaches work primarily with clients who are looking to improve their body awareness, manage stress, and enhance overall well-being. They do not diagnose or treat mental health disorders but rather focus on the personal development aspect of somatic work.
3. Approach: The work of a somatic coach is more centered on guiding clients to develop a deeper connection with their bodies, using techniques like mindful movement, breathwork, and guided meditation. They facilitate personal growth and body-mind integration.
4. Regulatory Framework: Somatic coaches are not typically bound by the same regulatory bodies as licensed therapists. They may follow the standards and guidelines set by their training programs or professional associations.It's important to understand that a license is not a requirement to practice somatic work effectively.

Somatic coaches, despite not being licensed mental health professionals, bring valuable skills and approaches to their practice, focusing on body awareness and personal development.

Many individuals find significant benefits in working with somatic coaches, particularly when seeking to deepen their connection with their body and improve overall well-being.

Additionally, some people may benefit from seeing both a somatic therapist and a somatic coach, as each offers unique approaches and perspectives. A somatic therapist can provide comprehensive mental health support, especially for those dealing with trauma and complex emotional issues, while a somatic coach can offer more focused guidance on bodily awareness and personal growth.

This combination can lead to a well-rounded approach to healing and self-discovery, addressing both psychological and physical aspects of well-being.

About River

I am an embodiment coach and advocate, proudly part of the LGBTQIA+ community. My journey of transformation, both personal and professional, has shaped my approach to holistic healing. Certified in Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapy, Applied Polyvagal Theory in Yoga, and as a Y12SR Peer Support Guide, my practice is centered around the philosophy that true well-being is achieved through harmony between body and mind. I am committed to fostering this balance, guiding individuals to embrace their true selves and live authentically. It's my belief that by supporting each person to inhabit their body with awareness and compassion, we can collectively nurture a more empathetic and understanding world.

Professional Scope Notice: I am not a licensed medical professional, mental health provider, or a member of the clergy. As an Embodiment Coach, my services are not a substitute for professional healthcare or mental health services, nor do they constitute medical or psychological advice. The guidance offered through my services is for personal growth and should not replace the advice given by medical or mental health professionals. Always consult your healthcare provider for any health-related issues and before making any substantial changes to your health regimen.